Our Culture and Values

Otto Home Goods INC., is an American company founded in 2016, which operates in wholesale supply and trade industry and creates solutions with high quality engineering services with the international experiences of its founding partners. The most important element of its success criteria is to supply required materials in time, present top-notch quality service and provide highest standards in environment and occupational health safety.

Otto Home Goods INC. has the ability to supply products into multiple countries in the same time and it aims to continuously increase its market share by aiming to increase its abilities to work with world’s leader companies.

Otto Home Goods INC. guarantees its conformability to legal regulations and international standards. Otto Home Goods INC. aims to maximize customer satisfaction by continuously searching high quality production materials, ensuring on time delivery and high quality post sales services.

Otto Home Goods INC. highly values Research and Development and works to ensure product supplies conforming to country and region standards.

As Otto Home Goods INC., we value our customers above all. It is our priority to create value for our customers and to meet their needs with quality and permanency. It is our duty to follow up with our products and stand by our customers after sales. Our main goal is to create resources for a continuous improvement.