Belle Dolomite & Toros Black Waterjet Mosaic

Water Jet mosaics are the most precious way of finishing your decors. They will help you to explore your creativity for your new projects and also remodeling. Belle Dolomite & Toros Black Polished Mosaic Waterjet 9' 1/8" X 10' 4/8" (0.65 SQF). Flora is Goddess of green plants, and flowers of Spring. In the fourth century, Floralia festival was celebrated for Honor of this goddess. Our Model is inspired by a flower that is a Flora Romans’ calendar and a reporter of spring. This flower blooming in March. Belle Dolomite & Toros Black Polished Mosaic Waterjet will bring the authentic and chic look to your living spaces. With complacency, you can apply this beautiful mosaic to your kitchen backsplashes, bathroom shower back walls and accent walls.

Product Mosaic
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot Dolomite & Toros Black
Material Natural Stone
Size None
Chip Size None
Operation None
Thickness None